How to install GPS units on Motorcycle 

GPS system, also known as Global Positioning system is used by different people for different reasons. Hikers use it on tracks while car drivers use it to find destination via roads. Motorbike riders also use GPS units to guide them to a special destination. But installing a GPS unit on motorbikes is totally different than installing it on cars. In cars usually GPS unit can be placed anywhere in front of the driver but there are special mounting systems for attaching these units on a motorcycle. This is why it is always recommended to buy a GPS unit which is specially designed for motorcycles and has one of the best GPS Review online, so it has all the necessary hardware required for mounting. In this article, we will discuss some specially designed GPS units for motorcycles and how to install them.

For some time installing a GPS unit on motorcycle was not considered a safe idea because of the distraction it may cause. Modern technology and suitable mounting system has made it possible now.

  • Choose appropriate GPS unit:

First and foremost step which you need to take in this regard is to choose the right GPS unit for your motorcycle. If you choose a GPS unit which is specifically designed for motorbike riders, half of your trouble is already gone. You will not have to think of various ways to mount it because it will come with proper mounting system. Devices like Tom Tom Rider and Garmin Zumo are considered ideal GPS devices for motorcycles. If you are choosing any other GPS unit, make sure that it is waterproof and strong enough to withstand bumpy rides.

  • Where to mount:

The next step is to think and decide which place is most suitable to mount the unit. You need to choose a place where it causes less distraction and does not disturb any handle or break system. Each motorcycle is different so it is hard to define one place as perfect for all of them. Usually people would try to attach it on either of the handle bar or mirrors. There are different mounting system for GPS units to be installed on different places so you need to decide that before buying the device.

  • Start Installing:

To start installing GPS unit on your motorcycle, you need to first unscrew the handlebar mount. Every motorcycle handle is different in width that is why these mounts are made adjustable so you can adjust them according to your bike. The hardware which comes with GPS unit also includes a rubber which you need to place in between the mount and handlebar. Keep tightening the mount unless it no longer moves.

You will need a screwdriver to attach all screws with the holder. After that the GPS unit can be attached on the mount.

  • Attaching Battery Cable:

GPS units need battery to be operated. When you are installing GPS unit on motorcycle, you will have to connect one end of the battery with unit and the other with a 12-Volt power supply on bike.

After that, your GPS unit is ready to be used on your adventurous rides.

The Evolution of the Cowboy Boot

Cowboy boots – this working man’s necessity has travelled through the dusty Western plains all the way to the closets of middle America’s fashion conscience teenager’s closet.  The path taken, however, is a subject of debate among historians.  Kansas and Texas have a long-standing feud over which can rightfully lay claim to being the father of this icon of the American West.  Some historians assert that the cowboy can thank the Huns for this wonderfully designed footwear.

Historical research finds that the Huns (yes, think Atilla the…) were among the first horsemen to use stirrups mountain climbing boots and shoes.  The design of the cowboy boot is directly related to the design of the stirrup.  The Huns wore pointed-toe boots, with two-inch heels, which would easily fit into the stirrups and allow the rider’s foot to remain in place during riding.

In the mid 1800’s cowboy boots were truly utilitarian-nothing fancy or ornate .  Design had already been influenced by the Wellington and Hessian style boots worn by European settlers and military.  These boots often had a tall shaft which might have a scalloped shape.  After the Civil War, many veterans moved West for the promise of a new life.  They found that the boots they wore during the War and for daily use were not well-suited to the terrain and dangers encountered on cattle drives.

Changing needs resulted in changing designs that, perhaps inadvertently, mirrored the designs of horsemen throughout civilization.  High arches supported the foot well.  The pointed or rounded toes and leather soles slipped more easily into stirrups.  The high heel kept the foot stable in the stirrup.  The tall shaft protected the leg from the harsh terrain.

The cowboy image, itself, saw a major transformation in the 1930s and 1940s, as Hollywood developed the very popular genre of the Western film.  Cowboys remained rugged, hard-working conquerors of the West, but with an added flair, which often included the way they dressed.  Actors began to wear more colorful boots with intricate stitching designs on the shaft.  The design of the toe and heel began to change as well.  Prior to this evolution, boots had a round or square toe with a Cuban heel, a higher heel with straight sides.

In the 1950s, the all-American rodeo and country music became popular and the cowboy boot rode right along.  Cowboy boots saw a huge upsurge in production and sales and were being made in every possible color and style.  Flamboyancy replaced utilitarian in both style and purpose.

The 1960s saw a resurgence of the less fancy, more utilitarian style that was popular prior to the 1930s and 40s.  Heels were lowered and colors reverted back to the traditional brown or black.  The pointed-toe boot emerged in the 1970s and then art influenced fashion once again in the 1980s, with the release of the film, Urban Cowboy. Since the 1980s, design and popularity continues to be primarily influenced by film and the styles worn by those in the limelight.

Two major types of mountaineering cowboy boots exist today, the western (or classic), and the roper.  The western style typically has a pointed toe, tall shaft, which extends to mid-calf or higher, and an angled high heel.  The roper usually has a rounded toe, a much shorter shaft that extends to about mid-calf, a flat heel and laces.  Ropers were designed specifically for rodeo activities, such as calf roping.  Of course, designs can vary greatly depending on the manufacture and customer desire.

No matter the origin or style, it is obvious that the iconic cowboy boot is here to stay and whether you are a traditionalist or a fashionista, a cowboy boot is waiting for you…somewhere.

What Role Can You Play in Preventing Electrical Accidents Caused by Hand Tools?

All farm workers have to be careful with the use of hand tools, which are among the most common causes of accidents and fatalities through electrocution. Farm workers suffer increased exposure to electrical hazards than workers in other different industries.

The fact that farm workers often have to work alone increases their exposure to such accidents. For these reasons, the workers should know the role they can play in preventing electrical accidents by hand tools.

As a worker, you should focus on the following measures that would guarantee your safety and see a massive reduction in the electrical accidents as well as electrocution likely to be caused by household tool sets. These hand tools follow these principles:

  1. Avoid electrical hand tools that lack the seal of approval issued by Underwriters Laboratories. The seal is crucial as it indicates whether the tool has been through extensive testing and proven safe to use through proper maintenance.
  2. Upgrading from 2-Wire to 3-Wire tools. Allow qualified personnel to be in charge of upgrading the tools. Tools that cannot undergo upgrading need discarding. Fortunately, most of today’s electrical hand tools feature the 3-Wire system.
  3. Ensuring proper maintenance of the 3-Wire system by using all the relevant extension cords and adapters, which you must properly connect to the appropriate receptacle boxes thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of ground fault wire
  4. Avoid the urge of disconnecting or carrying the hand tools using their cords. This is because of the rapid deterioration of the insulation that might occur within the cords. Inspecting the tools and extension cords for fraying and replacing them is advisable.
  5. Use the GFI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. However, do not use GFIs in place of traditional forms of protection like isolating current, insulation and proper grounding. GFIs are backups when aging, abuse or mechanical breakdowns make insulation ineffective. It is worth noting that the GFIs can be effective in detecting low levels of current arising from leakages. GFIs also cut off all power in case the current leaks are above 5mA.
  6. Never plug in the hand tool before checking the switch. The switch on the hand tool needs proper checking to ascertain that it works fine. If the switch on the hand tool is on and you plug the device in to the power source, it will turn on and begin running immediately. To avoid compromising your safety, keep the switch turned off at all times before plugging the tool in to the power source.

You should never consider electrical accidents by hand tools a normal occurrence at the workplace or home. Carelessness when using the hand tools could cause your eyes to suffer injuries.

Hand and strain injuries are the other types that you would suffer from using hand tools incorrectly. Whether you are using powered or non-powered household hand tools, caution is crucial when working with them because they are both dangerous and can cause fatalities.

Some of the most common concerns regarding the use of hand tools include:

  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Bruises

However, a prolonged use of hand tools has different concerns from the aforementioned, and these include the following:

  • Soreness
  • Aches
  • Pains
  • Fatigue

If you ignore these concerns, at some stage going to see your doctor for treatment regarding a variety of chronic musculoskeletal injuries (known as MSIs) would be inevitable. The most common hand tools-related MSIs include the following:

  • Tendonitis
  • Tenosynovitis
  • Bursitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • De Quervain’s Syndrome

Your health as a hand tool user or operator depends on a number of factors, thus the importance of using these devices properly and safely. In addition to health, your performance can also suffer from the continued use of hand tools.

How to select the best kitchen knives?

Knives are considered to be an important part of people’s day-to-day life. They can be suited for both personal and professional use. For instance – with a simple knife, one can easily prepare a meal at home and the chefs at different restaurants can cut or cook meals as well. This is why when you are buying a knife; always make sure that you have bought the best knife. On top of it, you need to consider a few things to select the best kitchen knives. So, let’s read more about how to select the best kitchen knives.  Black kitchen knives are the best because they go with every kitchen easily.

First of all, you have to decide what type of knife you need. You can need a knife for cooking and the fact is also based on your cooking habits or techniques. Additionally, when you know the purpose of buying a knife, it will allow you to buy the best piece and hence, it will improve your cooking in several ways. For example – preparing the food with the right texture is significant because a perfect look with smell will make your meal exceptional for everybody. Next, a perfect knife will ensure that the cooking procedure is accomplished smoothly. Remember that if the cooking is done smoothly, you will be more confident at cooking.

Furthermore, before you select a knife, consider analyzing the weight of the knife. It will help in choosing the right type of knife. If you consider cutting foods smoothly, the hefty types of knives are best. Nevertheless, there are some people who give importance to being skilled at cutting rather than just cutting the foods easily. This is why a light knife would do the trick. As a whole, if you take expert advice while selecting a knife would guide you to choose the best piece.

Apart from the above issues, the balance of a knife is another important aspect which you must take into consideration. In order to measure the balance of a knife, place your finger at the finger grip at the handle’s blade end. Also, make sure that these are held horizontally through the cutting edge down. If you have done it properly, the most balanced knives would stay on the fingers without being fallen. With that in mind, the unbalanced knives are difficult to use. As a result, balanced knives are vital for effective use of knives.

Finally, all the best kitchen knives have something unique as they offer quality in every aspect. It would be wise to focus on quality to select an ideal knife. To get a quality knife, you have to think about quality over other selection criteria’s. In fact, it will be wonderful to get a cost-effective knife with quality features. To add to this fact, you have to neglect the allure of selecting a preferred brand’s knife because it will enable you to buy the best possible knife. Be mindful of the fact that a renowned brand’s knife can offer less quality knife.

The bottom line is if you don’t understand the techniques and strategies to choose the best kitchen knives, you will find yourself in disaster. That said, if you can learn and utilize the above ways to pick up the right fit for you, you will definitely tell others. As a result, a big number of people would be able to select and buy the best knives. So, use these techniques and make your life comfortable!


Giving your bathroom a new look

A bathroom may be a place you clean/relieve yourself, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a neglected part of your home. Bathrooms are an area of privacy and thus it’s understandable to desire some pleasant atmosphere. So to this we say, give it a new look! There’s nothing wrong with adding some flair and personality to things. A fancy sink can be ideal for a good shave, or the right shower curtains gives the perfect balance of privacy and immersion. The best part is, you don’t need to be a master carpenter for a general overhaul. A moen speaker shower head will really enhance your shower experience.

It’s mostly about starting clean and picking a theme. People do all sorts of things, using a myriad of colors and ideas to give it an extra special touch. The first thing you want to establish is budgetary plans for your bathroom. New looks can be achieved by essentially installing new tubs, shower heads, sinks, and various other parts of the room. However, this stuff can’t be done everywhere for everyone. If you own a home and planned on some renovations, that’s fine. If you rent or have a landlord, major alterations to housing is out of the question. Another thing to consider is budget, which can be pretty high for something like this.

If you do plan to renovate and have the resources to do so, consider what you like most about the bathroom and make changes towards that. Maybe a spacious tub for long soaks or a fancy shower head with multiple settings and stronger water current. You could change your windows to modern or large, overlooking a scenic paradise while you relax. Change the type of cast metal used for your sink, like brass to compliment a choice in tiles. Really there’s no limit, provided you’ve set up a budget for it.
Not all renovations require huge expenses and major changes. There’s also the good old fashioned decorative method. For this, it comes down to opinion and personal taste, but there’s a few ideas to try if you’re not sure. Let’s say you want to go with a sort of beach theme. You might place seashells on a ceramic tray sporting beach related designs. Maybe the shower curtains will match colors found on the beach, like a beautiful ocean blue. Plan and accessorize around what you like most. Choose complimentary hues or things that much (or throw it out the window and be garish). This creates a pleasing balance and makes your bathroom feel professional.

Speaking of, we know you’re not looking to be a five star hotel, but consider organization too. Nothing says clean like a spruced up surface with toiletries, soaps, tooth brushes all neatly laid out to be found easily. Consider adding outside items too, like empty wine bottles, ceramic bowls, potted plants (real or fake is fine) or minimalistic touches to really help the place shine. Of course, no need to have medications and other things laid out, keep those tucked away in shelves for access later. Cuts down on the clutter and company won’t be in your business.

These are just a few of many ideas which can help give your bathroom area a profound new look. Whether you’re looking for massive revisions or simple touches, let your creative side loose. It doesn’t take much and you’ll appreciate the nice section of your home. It’s an expression of you, so why not express creativity and good looks at the same time?